Monday Monday

It is all day long :/

Bug is still being proactive from her having her belongings stolen.  She has replaced 2 important items, ordered a couple of more items and is now trying to determine what to do about her phone.  I wish that the person who stole this feels some sort of remorse. It is so simple to steal things, but the ripple effect lasts and lasts.

Peach was at a friends house, babysitting so Boo took care of Admiral the horse. As I was looking at that horse, this past weekend, I was thinking  needed to get his wormer and get him wormed again.  this month is slipping away and I will soon forget.  As I was looking at him, I noticed his mane…apparently someone decided that he needed a haircut. He now has a blunt bang. I asked Peach what she was thinking….she said she was channeling the Beatles.  Wow.

I headed to the dr. to get our allergy shots, I left my cellphone at home because it was dead.  I figured that I wouldn’t be gone for that long, anyway.  Wrong.  I got home to a couple of missed calls on my cell and home phone. Apparently, my security system went off and the police were dispatched because no one answered the phone.  They even called my neighbor.  At least I know that the security system works well, even though I hate making that payment every month.

I also missed the washer repairman.  We have been waiting for a part to come in and it did, finally.  He came to fix it and I didn’t know. He called my husband, who tried to call me (dead phone), and came and left without fixing my machine.

When I got home, I had Big Daddy call him back to see if he would come back.  I got the security stuff straightened out.  I started my lunch and while it was cooking, I worked on my prayer journal, my calendar update, and I was going to use my foodsaver for the bags of zucchini and squash.  As I walked into the hall to get my foodsaver out of the closet, I saw blood drops on the floor.  I assumed it was Dewey since his gums bleed, but then I looked down the hall and there was a trail of blood, not only on my floor, but it was slung all over my walls and doors.  When I say all over, I mean ALL.  OVER.  It looked a bit like WWIII.  I asked who was in my house, bleeding, the doors were shut and I thought the kids were outside.  I heard Catfish in the bathroom “it’s me mom, I’m cleaning it up, I promise.”  I told him to come out of the bathroom and as his heart was beating, blood was spurting out his left index finger.

I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I could see that stitches were going to be needed and that the blood splattered everywhere could wait.  I also don’t panic.  I told him to come to the kitchen where I cleaned up the copious amounts of blood all over his body.  We talked about what happened (he hit himself in the hand with a stick…do not ask me why because he does not know).

10460456_10204466728052719_2414031641927230154_n 10551124_10204466728332726_6991083768883484488_n

I called my friend and asked her to come and watch the other kids while I took him to get stitches.  He got cleaned up, I wrapped his finger well because it kept bleeding out and off we went.  Luckily, our favorite local health care provider could fit us in and took care of Catfish.  4 stitches and lots of laughing later….he is really good at diffusing situations and calming children.

When I got home, my friend had cut all my squash and zucchini and used the foodsaver on them.  She even set aside some for a side dish for our dinner tonight.  She cleaned up every piece of blood, she let the washer man in and in general saved my sanity.  Washer man is beyond kind, though my laundry room looked atrocious.  He told me that he had his stuff taken care of and that I should just sit down and relax for a few minutes and that all is well in the world.  Nice man.

Washer man left, I took my friend home, got home…almost finished cooking lunch and I got a call from another friend asking if I could meet her to pick up my daughter.  No problem.  I turned my lunch off and headed off to get Peach.  My friend needed a ride home, so I took her home and now, I am sitting….drinking a coke….eating noodles….fielding messages from my daughter about the phone that she wants.

It has certainly be a day BUT God is still on the throne….off to finish making supper 🙂

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