Harsh Reality of Life

Last night, about 10:30 pm, the phone rang….it could be one of two things.  My mother in law, who typically calls later in the evening because she knows that is when she can catch Big Daddy with no distractions OR something is wrong.

Last night was the latter.  Big Daddy wasn’t going to answer the phone because it was a “Georgia” number but realizing Bug was out with friends…I urged him to answer.  I could hear my daughter’s voice from across the room (she truely is a loud person plus my phone’s volume was turned WAY up for some reason).  I knew by the sound of her voice that it wasn’t an “I’m on my way home” voice.

Big Daddy’s voice got lower and he said “what all was in it.”  I quickly realized that while she was out with friends, doing teenage fun things, she (and another friend) had had her purse stolen.  It contained everything a purse could contain, including her car keys, phone, and her shoes (she was at the local skating rink).

I took the phone from Big Daddy and calmed her down.  She was almost in full blown panic mode.  I told her that I would call the police and that she needed to be outside waiting for whomever comes to take down her information.  I told her that she needed to get control of her emotions and think about what she needs to say and try to say it in a calm, collected voice.

She remembered an older man (in his mid-late 30s…remember she is only 18, so anyone over 21 is “old”) and that he wouldn’t leave her and her friends alone.  She said that he creeped her out and that is who she thought took her belongings.

Once I got off the phone with her, I sent Big Daddy to where she was…he brought her shoes and his hugs are epic 🙂  While he was gone, I was calling her phone and for the person who would be listening to this message I left a voicemail…”I may not know who you are this side of Heaven, but Jesus always knows and you will answer to Him.”

We got her phone suspended.  Our doorknobs are changed.  She is getting her license and her school ID re-done tomorrow.  All of these things are replaceable.  What is not replaceable is the little bit of innocence that this person chipped away from my daughter.  She felt violated that someone would rifle through and take her things.  She is trusting and this was the harsh reality that she faced….the people outside of the 4 walls that she lives in, will never love her and care for her the way her family does.  She is to protect herself and her belongings when she is out because this is a fallen world.

Sad lessen to learn.  As you think of it, pray for peace for my sweet girl and the friends that she was with…hurts my heart and makes me want to beat the parents of the thief.


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