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Easy Supper

We have had VBS this week, so we have been blessed a couple of these days with the leftover lunch food.

Today, we had a big pan of mac and cheese.  There were also 8 plain ham sandwiches.

I have had a blech past couple of days, so instead of cooking a big dinner, utilized what we had. I took the plain ham sandwiches, added cheese and grilled them.  I heated up the mac & cheese.  The leftover grilled hot dogs, I put in the oven and reheated them. I pulled out the buns, the leftover chips and some lettuce for a salad.

As I’m grilling the sandwiches, Peach walks into the kitchen.

Peach:  Ooooohhhh…..are we having hot ham and cheese sandwiches for supper?

Me:  Uhm, yes…considering I have 8 on the griddle.

Peach: I’ve waited my WHOLE life for this dinner.

Me:  I’m glad I cook oblige.

Thanks Ms. Jo for the leftovers…you made my daughter’s WHOLE life!


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