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Day 8

Today we went to the Mansfield Reformatory.

It was WOW and WOW.

I have lots of pictures.

The thought of how many young men died in this prison was mindboggling.

We also headed into Big Daddy’s parents hometown of Cardington, OH.

There, we met up with his aunt and uncle.  They were gracious enough to let us stay with them overnight.  They took us out to a cool little diner.

We left the diner and headed to the campground where I got to meet another aunt and uncle (after 20 years of marriage).

We stayed and chatted for while and then headed back to the house to sleep.

DSCN4951 DSCN4953 DSCN4955 DSCN5756 DSCN5761 DSCN5763 DSCN5805 DSCN5807 DSCN5821 DSCN5824 DSCN5828 DSCN5928 DSCN5985 DSCN5992

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