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Oh….My First Nasty Person

Let’s just say that I’m *really* glad that I enabled the “monitor comments” button.

Wow…some people just need Jesus.

What I am NOT:

*An expert on parenting

*An expert on RAD

*An expert on marriage

*An expert on cooking

*An expert on Jesus

*An expert on adoption

*An expert on homeschooling

What I AM:

*A princess of the King

*A wife of 20 years

*A mom of 6 children living + 4 more

*A woman who loves people

*A woman would would like to put a bandaid on things to make it better

*A woman who is compassionate for those no one else wants to be around

*A RAD mama of 8 years

*A mama of a child with dyslexia

*A mama of a child who struggled with autistic tendencies

*A survivor

*A woman who loves to cook and create

*A woman with trust issues

*A woman who is waiting for her King to return.

In a Nutshell:

*If you don’t like my blog, don’t read it.

*If you do read it and disagree with something I posted, feel free to correct me, email me, or discuss it with me.  I’m fallible and so are you.

*If you disrespect my family or anyone that guest posts on here, I will be blocking you.  That is uncalled for.

*I do not mind confrontation or conflict and I would love to have a healthy discussion with people who do not share my same beliefs, but I will not tolerate disrespect.

Dear Nasty Person, I hope you find Jesus and that He meets you in the cesspool that you are currently living in, because he totally will…with open arms.  I’m sorry that you chose to be so hateful and that your world is dripping with disdain and vinegar.  Now, go suck a sugar cane and let’s up that sugar level!


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