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Remembering Marra Frehiwot

May the peace, that only God can give, engulf your family.


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  1. With tears, I thank you for sharing. I know only too well from my own experience of losing a daughter (4 yrs old) that pain you have endured in the past year with grief….. SO.MUCH.GRIEF!!! I believe we both were issued RFEs around the same time, ours for our little Bereket. The first anniversary is always SO HARD!! It brings back vivid memories of their death and the events leading up to. I know, for myself, that I replayed the years we had with our daughter, through her photos, scrapbooks, memories… especially that first year after we lost her almost like I was willing myself to etch every single moment we had with her in my memory forever!! For your whole family, this is one of the hardest experiences ever. I had many grief books which helped me to understand the phases of grief and help me realize I wasn’t losing my sanity! I have thought of you often since hearing about Marra’s tragedy, I will continue to do so…… you will always have her in your heart and I know that sometimes that doesn’t feel like enough!!


    May 19, 2014

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