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Part I: Unpacking – Amy’s Story of Losing Sweet Freh

This week, I will be posting on the story of Marra Frehiwot’s story.  She is the young daughter of Sten and Amy Olsson.  I have never met the Olsson’s personally, but we have walked the adoption journey together and we hope to someday meet.  This is a difficult story of love, redemption, illness, God, faith, and loss. Please be respectful in any comments made as the Olsson’s have given me permission to share their story, as written by Amy, as well as pictures.




Seriously….look at Sten’s face. That is a daddy IN LOVE with the ladies in his life.
Beauty and Love.

This week is my week to “unpack” some emotional boxes that I have had to compartmentalize in order to continue to mother my five other children (including one brand new to family life and all the challenges that come with that) to support and love my husband, to serve God and to not self destruct. Some may cringe and become unsettled reading my raw memories and emotions, but this process is very healing for me. Thank you to everyone who continues to love and pray for us. We need you. We are grateful.


This is our journey of adoption, love, homeschooling and living life to the fullest.....even if we do live in chaos (can't have anyone over syndrome).

2 thoughts on “Part I: Unpacking – Amy’s Story of Losing Sweet Freh

  1. What a beautiful sweetie and family. I am so sorry for her mom and dad’s loss. The ripple effect that flows forth from her life and the lives she touched may never be known but God knows and I know when they all join up in heaven again they will get to see the impact she had. God bless this family!

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