My Wheels are Turning!

I love to cook. There are times when I will plan my menu, for a month, and cook all of it and freeze it.  This works well for me when we are especially busy (read “everyday that ends in “y”).  Sometimes I freezer cook for 2 weeks and there are other times when I cook every night.  My latest “see how it pans out” project is organizing my pantry and putting items together in a little basket labeled with that night’s dinner.  By doing this (and adding the recipe when necessary), it takes some pressure off of me in regards to what am I cooking?  Do I have all the ingredients?  I don’t feel well or I’m tired and I don’t want to cook feelings.  This system has worked well for me the past few months. It has helped control my grocery bill and it has given me to the freedom to tell my older daughters or husband to pull a meal out of the pantry and cook dinner for me tonight.  It has main dishes and sides.  I like system, so I’m sticking with it.



There are times, though, when we have no leftovers or an abundance of leftovers.  They never go to waste. I can either freeze them for a future meal or save them and that is lunch for the next day.  When I make roasts (I always make 2), we eat one, I tear some off and freeze for soups/enchiladas/or another meal.  Make the most out of your meals.  Stretch it as far as you possibly can.  It seriously helps with lowering your grocery bill.

While thinking about dinners and organizing my pantry, today, I had a brilliant idea (well, I saw a 3 minute snippet on The Pioneer Woman’s tv show).  Why not go a step further in stretching that buck.  I have decided to go and get some freezer quart/gallon baggies, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and some different sized (on the smaller side) aluminum pans (disposable or can be washed and reused).  What I’m going to do is while I’m putting together our suppers, I will throw one portion to the side and label/freeze it.  At the end of the week, I’m going to get a little basket together and take it to my mother in law.  She is a widow and she does not cook much anymore.  I worry about her health and her eating well.  I know that she is on a limited income.  Why not help another person.  We try to have her over for dinner a couple times a month, but this is going to cover her daily.  It will be homemade and nutritious.  It will take little effort for her to thaw it out and there will be no waste.

I’m so excited!  This week, on the menu is, chicken and rice enchiladas, baked spaghetti, chicken alfredo, roast, and I’m feeling some kind of soup…just haven’t nailed that down.  The beginning will cost a bit more money because of the starting up items I will need, but who cares.  I just want to bless her and take care of her.  That is what we are called to do…to take care of the widows and orphans James 1:27

Take a look around your neighborhood, your church, or your family.  How can you step up and help another.  Be aware of any food allergies or intolerances because that is important to note as well!  Bake a loaf of bread…whip up some rolls and freeze them.  Make a mess of pancakes and take over a big bottle of syrup.  Make up an extra batch of cookies.  Removing one serving out of your serving of 10 (in my case) is not that big of a stretch.  As I make my enchiladas tonight, I’ll just put one to the side.

I’ll be posting some recipes as I make them and let you all know how this is working out.

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