Can you STAND the cuteness of all of us?  I know, I know…I don’t look like their mother, I look like their sister.  I know, but I am their mama.  I worked long and hard on all these children and to celebrate, I not only got my doorknob and my brakes fixed, but I got a steak dinner cooked by my fella.  I also got the house cleaned, tons of homemade cards, lovely plaques and flowers, coupon booklet, hugs, kisses, a sweet card and gift from a sweet girl and to my surprise…the ring above *gasp* I KNOW!  This is a combo Mother’s Day and 20 anniversary gift.  I had no idea.  He did good and he knows he did 🙂  I usually don’t care for things like this anymore, though I did in my younger years.  20 years is a long time and I am honored and proud to have survived  stood by my man for this long and to STILL not have murdered him in his sleep love him and he wants to wring my neck most of the time STILL loves me.

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