My Bucket List

      1. Go to Hawaii
      2. Go to Italy
      3. Get a tattoo
      4. Learn to pick locks
      5. Go to Grand Canyon
      6. Kiss Big Daddy under a waterfall
      7. Ride in a horse and carriage
      8. Go to Niagara Falls
      9. See the world’s largest gavel
      10. See the world’s largest rubber stamp
      11. Write a letter to my favorite teacher (5-5-14, Glenda Bittner….my art teacher through middle and high school)
      12. List 10 things I am thankful for for an entire month
      13. Be present at a birth
      14. Serve food a soup kitchen
      15. Paint something at a ceramic shop
      16. Master a new language
      17. Learn CPR
      18. Take a makeup lesson
      19. Be debt free
      20. Learn to use chopsticks (2/14/2014…dinner out at Jasmine’s…learned but not mastered)
      21. Contact someone with my own name (1/5/14…I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m crazy LOL…she even had my middle name, though it was spelled differently).
      22. See a Broadway (went to see the Lion King.  It was a Mother’s Day gift from Big Daddy 2013)
      23. Go to New York
      24. Learn to hula dance
      25. Get hypnotized
      26. Take a trip with mom
      27. See a volcano
      28. Read Bible in chronological order with kids
      29. Make something homemade (new) (yogurt, granola, cleaners, there is a whole category for the things I have been making)
      30. See the pyramids in Egypt
      31. Go to Jerusalem
      32. Go to Ireland
      33. See the 7 Wonders of the World
      34. Visit all 50 states (TN, IL, OH, KY, TX, CA, GA, MO, IA, IN, AK, NY, PA, VA, WVA, DC)
      35. Ride in a limo
      36. Write a book
      37. Get my doctorate
      38. Fly first class
      39. Learn photography
      40. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast
      41. Raise my own meat (pig…check; laying chickens…check, meat chickens…check)
      42. Kiss Big Daddy in front of the Eiffel Tower
      43. Be in two states at once
      44. Buy someone’s groceries just because (2010)
      45. Pay for the person behind me at the drive thru (2012)
      46. Have another cat and name it dog (5-1-14, Shirley had kittens…one is black and white and named Dawg)
      47. Go cheese tasting
      48. Put our shoes on the MSU shoe tree
      49. Stand in the middle of Stonehenge
      50. Visit 10 capital cities (Frankfort, KY; Little Rock, AR; Nashville, TN; )
      51. Watch 26 Movies I’ve Never Seen Starting With Each Letter of the Alphabet (started 2011 and finished 2013)
      52. Hug a redwood
      53. Discover all the uses for hydrogen peroxide
      54. Float in the dead sea
      55. Be a grandmother
      56. See the albino squirrels in Olney, IL
      57. See Carhenge
      58. Go to Disneyland
      59. Complete a 365 project (currently working on since 1-1-14)
      60. Drive Route 66
      61. Lose more than 50 lbs
      62. Go to the Louvre
      63. Learn chess
      64. Ride a train
      65. Write my will
      66. Visit an orphanage (2009, 2011)
      67. Go to Africa  (2009, 2011)
      68. Adopt a child (2007, 2009)
      69. Get my Master’s (2013)
      70. See the ocean (2009, 2011)
      71. Explore a cave (Mammoth)
      72. Stay up 24 hrs. (2013, watching Boo in the hospital)
      73. Spend the whole weekend by myself (2013…didn’t leave the room.  It was fantastic)
      74. Vacation alone  (2008?  CA)
      75. Be an organ donor  (since I turned 16 and got my license)
      76. Sponsor a child  (2013)
      77. Send care packages to soldiers
      78. Teach someone to read (everyone of my children)
      79. Create a photo journal
      80. Teach a class
      81. See Petrified Wood Park in Lemmon, SD
      82. See the World’s Largest Ball of Twine in Darwin, MN
      83. Go to Holland and walk through the actual tulips
      84. Send a card to every family member for their birthday
      85. Learn how to cut hair
      86. Graduate all my children (#1 kid 2013) (#2 kid 2015)
      87. Go on a weekend away
      88. Have a vehicle emergency kit for all vehicles (Big Daddy’s truck 5-23-14)
      89. Create an emergency kit for home
      90. Perform CPR on a chicken (2-14-14).
      91. Wear a mustache while grocery shopping (6-7-14)

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