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Yard Sale Tips


*If you have tried, for the last 3 years, to sell a port a potty, stop trying, just donate.

*1/2 box of opened tampons, no one will buy…EVER….take the loss.

*Porcelain toilets that are used as flower pots…it simply is not attractive.

*Pieces of furniture labeled “haunted” may be a hard sell.  You may reconsider that bright green sticker.

*It is a yardsale…people…this isn’t a place to sell your USED and majorly WORN clothes for $5 and actually expect them to sell.  Mark them down to a quarter or donate.

*When a clothes rack falls over on top of a little dog, expect said dog to be hurt or in shock.

*There is such a thing as Too.  Much.  Camo.

*Used underwear simply needs to be thrown away.  Period.  The end.

*When you stop at an Assisted Living Center for the elderly….do not ask if they have openings when your mother in law is in hearing shot.

*Churches are not the appropriate place to say you want to physically hurt your spouse….as I left, I was sprinkled with water and asked to come to confession.  I just wanted to leave with a sewing book.

*In response to ‘how much is this’, the correct answer does not include your latest colon tests and that you pooped that morning.

*Just because we drive behind you and stop at the sales you stop at, doesn’t mean we are stalking you.

*One must never cry in Dumplins’.

*Realize that your phone conversation can be heard by all when you are using the “speaker” function.

Man:  “hey, hon, they have a stroller here at this here yardsale.

Wife:  “Okay.”

Lady selling the stroller:  “it is a double stroller…for two kids, not just one.”

Man: “hon, it is a double stroller for two kids.”

Wife: “we only have one kid.”

Man:  “oh, that’s right, nevermind.”

*Crocheted lingerie…well, just don’t buy it OR crochet it.

*Your 4 year old daughter should never ever EVER wear anything from Victoria’s Secret.  I mean NEVER.

*Again, in the words of Todd Chrisley “ignorance can be fixed but stupid is forever.”


This is our journey of adoption, love, homeschooling and living life to the fullest.....even if we do live in chaos (can't have anyone over syndrome).

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