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Furniture World Galleries Paducah, KY


I want to say a HEARTY THANK YOU to Brad at Furniture World Galleries!

This is similar to the set that Big Daddy and I just bought, today.  The sofa is a three seater and all the seats recline.  If no one is setting in the middle seat, it folds down into a console (its the little things that impress me).

The loveseat is 2 recliners with the console in the middle.  We got a fabric color and type that Big Daddy likes and the best thing is is that we get it by Friday.

I received a phone call by Mr. Phil Thompson from Gilliam Thompson on Friday.  He was very polite when he informed me that he received my compliant from the Better Business Bureau and that he would refund me for the couch (that nothing is wrong with) and the loveseat (that keeps on breaking).  He didn’t apologize for his behavior, but he was polite and I appreciate that.

It is amazing, it has taken us MONTHS to even get a phone call on getting our loveseat repaired and now that they are giving us our money, they can’t get to our house fast enough.  We will be without a loveseat and couch for a couple of days, but that is okay.  We’ll just pretend that we are camping.

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