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Some may say obsessed

…others will say hoarder…

…some will say crazy….

….others will say too much time…

….I say saved over 80% while some items were completely free!….

…..I say give to others….

….I say excellent gift ideas…..

Everything in this picture was 100% free!
This pile of stuff was about 78% off.



Yes, the piles go all the way back, but at least they are organized 🙂

These pictures do not include the 10 bottles of tide, the 4 packages of tide pods, 10 bottles of dawn and ajax, the mounds of toilet paper and paper towels, or the loads of food my children have already eaten.  This is a 1/2 a months worth of couponing.  We use this, donate it, allow people to shop for free in my bathroom, and give to food/church pantries.  I never sell what I’ve bought to make money.  I love the challenge of couponing and the smiles on peoples faces when I say come and pick what you need.  It brings me joy.


This is our journey of adoption, love, homeschooling and living life to the fullest.....even if we do live in chaos (can't have anyone over syndrome).

7 thoughts on “Some may say obsessed

      1. Thanks; that would be fun. We don’t buy a lot of packaged goods, so using coupons can be a challenge. Also, my guy is particular about certain brands. None of this lends itself to having cupboards full of discounted items, but I like the concept! 🙂

      2. Packaged goods, as in foods or cleaning supplies or both? I’m HUGE on making my own cleaning supplies and I pretty much stick with vinegar, bleach, baking soda, castille soap, and a few other little things. I normally do not buy any name brand cleaning supplies. That being said, when you can get them for pennies on the dollar, I find that they make excellent gift ideas for newlyweds, new moms, church pantries, county pantries, etc.

        My guy was (can still be) brand loyal. If it is completely free, I get it, even if he doesn’t like it because I can donate it. Win Win 🙂

        I have some sites that, everyday friday, has at least one freebie (name brand food) and a nice discount on fresh produce that I will add to my blog.

      3. We don’t buy packaged foods and make some of our own cleaning supplies.

        I like the idea of using them as gifts though; I hadn’t thought of that. Now, I just need to find a place to store them. (lol) I am maxed out on space.

        Wow! I didn’t know stores have coupons for produce! Ours certainly never does. That website would be nice though.

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