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Dear Gilliam Thompson Furniture of Mayfield, KY

Man Who Owns the Store,


As a loyal patron of your establishment for 20 years, I want to say that I am VERY disappointed in the words, body language, attitude, and actions of today’s events.  As we have stated, thoroughly, we have always been a loyal customer though your customer service lacks and getting deliveries or repairs as taken an act of congress….we understand that you are busy and we have never pushed or complained.

November of 2013, we bought our first matching set of furniture.  Being someone who is not from money, it was so exciting to get a couch and loveseat MATCHING set…a bonus was that we were able to pay cash.  It may not seem like a big deal to someone who may have more money than we do, but it is a big deal to us.  We have been learning to be good stewards and not take out loans/credit/layway, etc.  Cash on the barrel.

When we received our new pieces, it was a hard time because our son was in the hospital with an unknown problem and to know that I couldn’t see it being delivered and put in its proper place was hard.  I also love thanking they guys who do the delivery.  I know their job is not easy.

When my son got out of the hospital (thankfully that night), I came home to these pieces proudly setting in the living room.  As I go to sit down, I notice holes in the fabric (which is a type of leather).  There were 2 holes.  I called the next morning and “in time” they were going to come and look at it.  In that “time” frame, within just a few days of owning these pieces, the recliner part of the loveseat broke.  Not just a little bit broke, but bolts falling out the back broke.  I called again and “in time” they were going to come and look at it.

It would take 8 weeks to order a new piece and the choices that were given to me were A) we can fix it and you will not have a place to sit for 8 weeks.  B) We can order you a new one, come get the old one and not have a place to sit for 8 weeks C) We can give you something to sit on, though it will not be the best because we don’t want the best to get messed up and your new piece will be in in about 8 weeks or so….I gave them a substitute answer.  My choice was to keep the broken one until the new one came in….roughly a bit over 8 weeks.  They were not completely happy because it would ruin the warranty of fixing the old one to resell.  That wasn’t really my problem.  We bought it, we paid cash, and we prefer to have places to sit….since I have such a large family and our living room is used daily.

Fast forward 8 or so weeks and we get the new piece.  They take the old piece and fixed it.  We got our new piece…all is well in the world.  Until, it broke.  Same thing, though screws are not falling out. I call…again….asking for it to be repaired.  I was told that the repair people would call to make arrangements to come and look at it…no one called.  I waited patiently for a couple more weeks.  I call again.  I tell them that I either want this fixed, my money back, or something new.  This was clearly not working and I had no desire to continue to wait for furniture only to have it break and they have to deal with me again.  My options were that I could take the OLD broken one, now fixed back OR I could wait 8 weeks for this to be repaired (while not having any place to sit).  I told the gentleman that I would have my husband call.

When he had time, he did call and we were told we could come and pick out something new.  In my stupidity, I THOUGHT we would have both pieces replaced since the pieces was originally a sectional…oh no.  I was informed that only the one loveseat would be replaced, so no matching furniture for me.  I kindly told the man that my days of having mismatched furniture was over in my 20s and 30s.  Now that I’m in my 40s…it was my time to have something that matched.  We paid cash.  It is not our fault that the furniture broke, but I would consider getting 2 recliners in lieu of the loveseat.  Recliners that complimented the couch.  I was seriously not trying to be difficult.  I just ASSUMED that you would be polite, understanding, and accommodating… you know what you get when you “assume”?  I learned that today.

We picked out recliners and I thought the paperwork was being worked on.  We would take the one piece off the floor and order the next piece.  Not ideal, but doable.  I’m okay with that.  I was not okay, however, when you said that we would still owe over $400.  We shouldn’t have owed anything.  We didn’t get an overly priced set of recliners…but we had to get something that my husband could sit in comfortably.

When my husband told me that we would owe X amount of money FOR YOUR MISTAKE. I said no.  I don’t agree with it.  The man working with us was kind, but the owner was not.  He said “I have talked to you on and off about this problem.  We offered to let you have the old one back but you said you would call back and you didn’t right away, so I’ve just been laying low waiting.”  His face was red, his body language said that of “get out of my store” and his tone lacked any niceness.

My first thought was “I’m sorry, Mr. Thompson, but life does get in the way.  I’m not setting around with oodles of time on my hands.  I have 6 children…1 of which is in college and 5 of which I homeschool.  I have 3 special needs kids.  One kid is in 2 different therapies weekly, another is in 3 different therapies weekly, and one of which is deaf.  I have 2 boys in baseball who practices every week at 2 different times, my husband works a fulltime job and by the time he has a moment to breathe, it is 10 pm.  Pardon the snot out of me for not calling you back on YOUR time schedule.”  I could feel my heart beating and my anger rising.  I left because had I stayed, I would not have been nice.

So, all this being said…you no longer have a customer in me or my family.  I know that doesn’t make a dent in your financial bucket, but you have thoroughly disappointed me.  You WILL be fixing the fabric which as rubbed off and both sides of my loveseat or you WILL be giving my money back.

I want everyone to know how disrespectfully you, Mr. Thompson, handled this situation.  For the gentleman who tried to help us, thank you.  For Mr. Thompson…nothing I say right now will be uplifting or edifying.  You have done our family wrong and you know it.  I’m ashamed of your business and I will be taking further steps with the Better Business Bureau.



**Please know, for those that care, that I will be printing this out and mailing it to Mr. Thompson.  I will let you know if they ever fix my loveseat.  If you know of a good furniture store, please let me know.  We are looking for a king size bed and new living room furniture.  My wheaties have officially been peed in.  If you want to contact this place, here is the website


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  1. Sharon Duncan #

    Brandi I completely feel your frustration. Phill and I just bought our first set if matching furniture. I highly recommend English Home Furniture in Benton..they definitely treat you with respect and appreciate your business.


    April 20, 2014
  2. Thank you for letting me know! I will certainly check them out!


    April 20, 2014

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