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Healthy Lifestyle Eating Plan – Update (hint discouragement)



Before I write this…please know that I already know these things A) I didn’t get fat in a day and I won’t get skinny in a day B) The Lord has this and my body is His temple C) Stop drinking coke and that will probably help D) Stay positive E) focus on what you’ve done right F) Don’t weigh everyday, just once a week.


Now that that disclaimer is over….I will discuss my discouragement.


I have been working so hard the last several weeks.  I have lost 5 lbs, the first week and not nary a one since. I have actually fluctuated between 3 or 4 pounds, which I know is water, but still discouraging.  I have been forcing myself to eat breakfast.  Though it isn’t a lot, it is about all I can muster.

Here is my breakdown of foods/exercise.

Bfast:  Banana or an ounce of cheese, or a handful of cashews; drink 20 oz. water and take my pills (this is vital since I’m famous for not taking my medications)

Exercise:  Ride my bike between 3-6 miles; walk 2.71; and soon I will be attempting zumba (God give my bladder the strength of Gibralter).  Sometimes I combine walking with bike riding and I usually do this 5-6 days a week.  At least 20 ozs. water, if not more.

Lunch:  Progresso Light Soup, broth, tuna, southwestern soup (homemade), sauteed veggies, salad…just usually something light and then I add another handful of cashews because I can 🙂  I drink a 12 oz. coke (yes, there are days when I drink something much larger) but I quickly follow it with more water.

Supper:  Whatever I fix for the family, I just really watch my portions.

Snack:  a cup (sometimes 2) of hot air popcorn with a Tbsp. of butter, a bit of parmesan (I used to use almost a whole bottle, now I’m down to a couple of Tbsps.) and water.

Wherease my weight hasn’t moved, I’ve lost 2 inches in my thigh, arm, neck, bust, waist, and hip.  I know that this is a good thing and I can wear some pants that I haven’t been able to wear in a long time.  I can button (without laying on the bed and sucking it in), I can stand, sit, and continue to breathe.  I am well aware that this is a GOOD THING.  I just REALLY want to see the scale move.  *sigh*

For now, I will not give up, I will continue on and know that my 10 lb weight loss by my anniversary trip will probably not happen.  That makes me sad.

My goal is not to be super skinny because that is just not what I (or Big Daddy) wants….my goal is to lower my cholesterol, lower my blood pressure, get off some of my medications and to be comfortable in my own skin.  Right now, I’m not.  I feel like a balloon and it is discouraging.

So, with all that said, I’m gonna go and eat my tunafish and cashews and watch a recap of Dancing with the Stars.

Until next time.

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