Investing in a Child

Adoption is so difficult.  The idea is beautiful, Scriptural, fluffy, and trimmed with gold.  When you get down to the ACTUAL steps to adopt, it is *so* hard and more times than not you may want to just “give up” because it is so overwhelming and invasive.  I do not regret the choices that were made to bring in three children through the beautiful mess of adoption.  The road has been hard….very hard.  There are scars that will fade, with time, but will always remain.  The laughter I hear is often what eases those bad memories.


I hear people tell our family “you must be a saint, you have such a big heart to take in “these troubled kids,” “how wonderful it is that you have gotten “unscathed” kids.”  Let me just tell you….I am NOT a saint.  I just have a HUGE God!  Please do not label my kids as “troubled”…we all have issues. Every.  Single.   One.  Of.  Us.  My kids have endured much loss and they will continue to grieve until the Lord calls them home.  It wasn’t me who chose them, it was the kids that chose us.  We didn’t “save” them, the Lord does the saving, we just have the blessed job of raising them!


All that being said, there is a particular family who has invested in all my children, but one in particular.  Catfish bonded with R and T, almost instantly.  R had a similar past and I believe that he sees a bit of him in Catfish, when he was a child.  The love there is so evident and real.  Catfish gravitates towards them, prefers to sit with them on Sunday because that is the only day that he sees them.  Catfish loves them and they love him.  It is so nice to see that this family does not distinguish between “adopted” and “biological” children in my family.  They just love and accept everyone.


This past week, R decided that he wanted to take Catfish turkey hunting.  Now, our family is not hunters, though we are not opposed.  My extended family hunts and they love it.  It is just something Big Daddy didn’t grow up doing and therefore, had no interest.  Catfish spent the night and he was ready to go with camo from head to toe…R even painted his face 🙂


Catfish had a WONDERFUL time and lots of stories to tell.  He also came home with a bow and arrow.  Let me just tell you, between that and the turkey call that my brother gave him….he is STOKED!  Catfish sleeps with the turkey call and he wanted to sleep with the bow and arrow, but I insisted that we keep it in a safe place during bedtime.


I want to publicly thank R and T for the love that they have for our family.  Here are some pictures of my big man shooting his new to him bow!  He is THRILLED!



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