Who Needs a Sled and Snow? Not My Boys!

Welcome to the redneck way of sledding!  Beautiful blue skies, a sloped sidewalk, 2 dump trucks, and my boys!  Look at the fun they are having!  I love it and I love the fact that they do not sit in the house, playing the wii, on computers, on those little thumb computer things, or whining!  All my kids love to be outside, explore the woods, skateboard in an empty pool, sled in dump trucks, ride bikes, play in the dirt, climb trees….but they also LOVE to read books and play with Legos.  Days like this makes me thankful that we do not have cable or any tv, other than movies.  I am blessed!




3 thoughts on “Who Needs a Sled and Snow? Not My Boys!”

  1. How terrific! A friend and her husband — with four children — recently decided to nix TV. She has no regrets. I think it’s an admirable decision. What lovely boys! 🙂


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