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Could any of these children be yours?

Adoption is beautiful and messy.  Adopting has made me a better person!

If you have any questions regarding domestic, private, international or foster to adopt….please do not hesitate to ask!


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  1. I would love to adopt but am told that chronic illness puts you at the bottom of the list as a adoptive parent – but I’ve read contradicting reports. Some people say MS isn’t a problem – others say “no go.” When our children get older it has always been a dream of mine.


    April 8, 2014
  2. It really depends on the country, as to the answer to this question. Foster to adopt is a GO. Domestic is a GO. International….it truly depends on the country. Korea would be out for you because they are “ubber” strict on your health, as well as, the health of your immediate and extended family. I have a chronic illness, not as severe as MS can be, but still can be debilitating. We adopted through the foster care and Africa with no problems at all. Please let me know a specific country(ies) that you are looking into and I can get you the information that you need!


    April 8, 2014

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