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Fun Day with a FABULOUS Friends!

I began my day talking with one of my sisters….we usually talk once a week (or more), but we hadn’t talked this week and today was our day to “catch up.”  Talk about someone who has seen me U.G.L.Y. and thankfully, I have seen her U.G.L.Y. as well.  We work it out, pray it over, claim our prayers and laugh….a whole lot.

Today, I was blessed to spend a wonderful lunch with a wonderful person!  We are POLAR opposites, yet she gets me and I get her.  I love her dearly and I’m so blessed that the Lord saw fit to allow this friendship to blossom.  She is the ying to my yang….the vanilla to my chocolate….the M to my B (we even have necklaces that match LOL).  I am so blessed by her love, honesty, transparency, and just well, she is fabulous!


My next moment in time was when I setting in my floor and up bops the other M in my life 🙂  She took my second daughter on a bit of a road trip to give her driving experience!  What a blessing to know that your baby is safe in someone’s care that you trust implicitly.  My daughter was SO scared, but she pushed through and she did wonderfully.  I’m so incredibly blessed to have Melissa in my life!

My last friend o the day was Pam…she was a bit lonesome tonight without her kiddoes and so I headed over there to give her company.  We ended up having a great supper at Los Portales laughing and talking about our crazy days and our crazier families!  She is another gem that the Lord has blessed me with and I’m so thankful.

There was a time, not too long ago, that I would not let anyone close to me and the Lord has woven these Godly women in my life to show me that there are people out there with no agendas.  They love me for who I am and accept me for that.

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