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Healthy Lifestyle Update


Overall, my first week was successful.  I have either ridden my recumbent bike 3 miles or walked 3 miles or done both.  I have done this everyday except on Saturday and I did not exercise at all that day.

I have consistently been drinking between 3 and 5 bottles of water, daily.  I have cut my coke down to 1 per day (okay, sometimes 2).  I have eaten breakfast (usually a banana) and for lunch I have either had soup, salad, or sauteed vegetables.  For supper, I cook what I normally cook and I either watch my portions or I eat a salad.  I really like salads when it gets warmer outside.  On a plus side, Big Daddy has eaten more salads (yay) and when I was making my big one, Little Man helped me.  He was so enthralled with my method and all the yummies I put on it (a bit of shredded cheese, egg, sunflower seeds, a few bacon bits, and fresh mushrooms) that he *insisted* on eating one too.  He ate it and he LOVED it!  That thrills my soul.  We talk about how eating healthy and clean makes us so big and strong.  I can get 4 out of my 6 kids to eat a salad…still working on the other two.  In the evenings, not every evening, I make hot air popcorn and add 2 T. butter, some garlic, some popcorn flavoring (usually cheddar) and some parmesan cheese.  I usually eat between one and two cups of that, depending on what I had to eat that day.

I am down by 5 lbs. since the beginning of last week.  I know that that is water weight, but it is still good to see the numbers go down instead of remaining stagnant or going up on the scale.  I am hoping this is the week that Big Daddy jumps on the bandwagon with me.  We shall see.

Today, I really didn’t do well…..I did not eat breakfast because I didn’t have time.  I did eat just a 1/2 portion of my Chinese food (Sundays are our Chinese day)….then I did something REALLY bad.  I ate some TGIF’s Cheddar and Bacon chips :/  Even worse, I called Big Daddy to go to the store, for me, and pick them up *sigh*.  Then to add insult to injury, I ate some BallyShannon cheese (FANTASTIC).  I did exercise tonight, but only 3 miles.  I have to realize that even though I just rode the bike for 3 miles, I’m still moving and I’m still making progress.

Baby steps 🙂  Hope everyone else is doing well!

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