That Boy!!!!

We are having a time with Little Man.  He seems to do *really* well for about an hour or so and then his brain stops working.  It just simply stops working.


He can tell me forever and a day (on a good day) what a square is but when his brain shuts off, he can look at me with those giant brown eyes and not have a clue what a square is.


Today, our issue was with rhyming.  The word was “cat” and the choices were “goat, tree, hat.”  Let’s just say, I gave up and this was the conversation that was had.


Me:  “Dude, what is your problem…were you raised in a barn?”

Little Man:  “No, mommy.  I wasn’t raised in a barn, I was raised in a mud hut.”

Uhm, how do you argue with that….the boy is speaking truth.  Here is the house that he was born in….his mom and siblings still live here.

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