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Good Beginnings!


My “healthy lifestyle eating plan” is going well.

This is what I’ve maintained this week.  I’m hoping that I can make each of these positive changes a regular habit instead of having to force myself or think about it.

I have been diligent to record all foods that have entered my mouth.

I have also been drinking, at least, 6 – 8 oz. glasses of water.

I have either walked 2.71 miles or I have ridden my bike for 3 miles OR I do both cause I’m awesome like that.

I have been eating hot air popcorn in the evening (I put on the popcorn 2 T. melted butter, some garlic powder, cheddar powder topping and parmesan).

I’ve been getting 8 hours of sleep

I have not had any chocolate (I have had jolly ranchers)

I have been taking ALL my meds (I tend to not take them until I realize I could die if I didn’t).

I have made all yearly appointments (pap, mammogram, eye, and will hopefully make dentist tomorrow) ***WOMEN, PLEASE GET A YEARLY PAP AND MAMMOGRAM!  IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***

I have encouraged my children (the less active ones aka the girls) to ride the bike for 15 minutes to get their bodies moving.  They have also chosen to zumba.

I am down 3 lbs 🙂  I know that is water weight but it sure is good to see the scale move downwards.  I may still be the fat sibling in the Christmas picture, this year, but I will be less fat then last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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