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Allergy Testing: Part Deux

…..or maybe it is the third time we have been…I’m starting to lose count.

Anyway, today I took my big girls to the allergy doctor and for poops and giggles I got tested too.  I took along a friend because Bug can be in the room alone and so can I, but I needed someone to be with Peach because she is not an “adult”.  We did our preliminary stuff, mostly answering questions, and then the testing began.

Bug went first while I was still answering questions about Peach.  I went in to peek on her and her back was like one giant welp.  She was itching so badly, but she couldn’t scratch. She was pitiful.  I felt incredibly sorry for her, but I knew this was going to be for her benefit, even though it didn’t seem like it at the moment.

I went into my room and Peach went into hers (we could not all be tested together).  I got updates and pictures from Pam on Peach and I just sat and waited.  Slowly, my back started itching, but nothing too terribly bad.

Let me just tell you, the kindness of the staff at Dr. Bradley Rankin’s office was phenomenal!  I had gone to Dr. Rankin many years ago and he is still wonderful today.  I’m incredibly pleased with the time spent with us and the thoroughness of the testing.

When Dr. Rankin came in to look at my back, he just stood there and said “oh, you are pretty much allergic to everything under the sun.  You are highly allergic to everything.  How do you even handle going outside?”  I just smiled and told him when you have low funds, allergy shots or medication is a luxury, not a necessity.  He didn’t want to do any further testing because I reacted so badly to everything…I mean everything.  “You have tested highly positive for every single thing that my office tests for.”  Well, alrighty then.

On a surprise note, I tested positive for several foods “wheat, milk, soy, peanuts, apples, and eggs.”  I do not have what I would consider life threatening symptoms.  My mouth itches when I eat apples, but other than that, I thought it was a mistake.  Unbeknownst to me, these allergies are directly related to some of my gut issues…, I know.  We all know how much I love cheese.

Bug tested positive for everything, as well.  She tested positive for some foods too.  Peach did not test as strongly as Bug and I did, but still enough to warrant preventative measures.

I’m proud to say that the testing is over and the shots for 5 out of the 8 of us will begin….or at least 4 because I may not be covered and if I’m not, then I will just continue to suffer.



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