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Allergy Testing Part 2

Today, I took 2 more kids to do allergy testing.  It is quite the production because the kids can’t be in the same room and so there has to be 2 adults (and it is a 2 hour process).

Last week, Pam and I took Boo and Catfish.  I flitted between rooms to check on each boy, but I mainly stayed with Boo because I knew that his reactions would be off the charts.  I was right.  Within 2 minutes, his entire back was red and huge welps came up.  He was pitiful.  Catfish didn’t have *that* bad of a reaction, but he did react to some stuff.  His main thing was his asthma.

We left armed with knowledge of the main allergen triggers for both boys and with the knowledge of what causes Boo’s face to blow up like a puffer fish when he goes outside (very very allergic to all trees).  Boo is also allergic to shellfish, peanuts, and soybeans….who knew?!

We will start allergy shots within the next couple of weeks.

Today, I took Gigi and Little Man.  This time, Jojo came and assisted.  Though she whined more than the children, it was nice to have my mama there to laugh with.  Dr. Rankin (fantastic) giggled as my kids left the room and my mom left.  He said “you two were cute together.”  I guess it was the constant back and forth that got him tickled.

Luckily, whereas they do have some allergies, they are not severe enough to warrant shots, so we will begin treating them with over the counter allergy meds.  I was pleased that this was not going to be a worry.

In two weeks, I will have to wrangle another adult because Bug, Peach and I am getting allergy tested and we can’t be in the same room.  I’m anxious to see the outcomes and to finally be finished with this little adventure.

The beginning and the middle of the year proves so busy because it is annual check ups, eye exams, dentist, hearing tests, paps, mammograms…and this year we are adding in the full fledged allergy testing and hearing aid appointments.

Good times.

Here are my two lunch buddies today


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