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After a LONG day

…..of allergy testing for two of my kids….

I am whipped.

I am tired.

I have no mojo left.

My goal, is to sit in the floor and let Gigi play with my hair, after she finishing cleaning the bathroom….I may get Peach to give me a pedicure, after she does the laundry.  Then, I may have Bug fix dinner after she gets home from work.  This is while Catfish and Little Man straighten up the dining room and living room.  Boo is cleaning the boys room.

This is why I have so many kids!   This is why I teach them at a young age to do chores, cook, and be responsible.  There is only one me and there are 6 of them.  That is 2 hands versus 12 hands.

You do the math.

I’m gonna take a tylenol.


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