Mother Nature is angry….

Yesterday, I had the windows open (did you get that, WINDOWS OPEN) and today, the fire place is going, my MIL is here for as long as she needs to be, lanterns are powered up, electronics charged, generator ready, animals tended, vehicles fueled, pot of cheeseburger soup, pot of chili, 3 loaves of bread made, 2 baked chickens, and a partridge in a pear tree later…..I am ready for the ice storm of 2014.

In 2009, the first major ice storm hit western KY.  It was awful.  We went without power for days but luckily for us, we still had running water (albeit freezing cold, but still running), we have a gas fireplace and there is a wood burning stove in our man cave.  As our freezers defrosted, we would throw whatever was thawed on the stove and cook.  It was very scary because I am not used to that type of weather and listening to the wind, the ice and the sound of trees falling in masses was overwhelming. Add all of that with the fact that I was 3 days post op from a tonsillectomy and it was bad.

We had no phones….I couldn’t call my mama and even if I could, I was so sick and in pain that I didn’t want to talk to anyone.  I couldn’t….I had no voice.  My recovery time took much much longer because I had nothing to eat to soothe my throat.  All I did was drink broth and the heat caused my throat not to heal correctly.  Fun times.

I feel a bit more prepared, now, though I hope it isn’t near as bad as then.  I remember walking outside and thinking it was the end of times.  There was no traffic, ice so thick hanging from trees, trees falling all around me…it was very surreal.

I choose to not focus on the outside but be thankful for the warmth we have in our home.  Right now, we still have power (can I hear a hallelujah), the smell of fresh baked bread and children’s laughter permeates the air.

I’m upstairs listening to the ice ping off the metal roof and relaxing…..I continue to pray for those who have or will lose power…warming stations are being set up around the community.  I’m so glad my MIL chose to come instead of waiting!  I can’t stand it when she is alone, especially during this type of weather.


This storm drain is close to my house…..there is lots o ice out there today!

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