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I had a day to myself


and what did I do?  I spent the ENTIRE day cleaning my room.  I mean from stem to sternum.  From top to bottom.  From the inside out and from the outside in.  I cleaned out from under my bed, I vacuumed under there and Pam cleaned the carpet under my bed (can you spell N.A.S.T.Y.).

I reorganized my bookcases, filed papers, put up MOUNDS of clothes and I dusted till there was nothing else to dust.  My body aches, but my nose is in heaven because it does not smell like butt or dog.  I’m a happy happy girl.

I’m telling you, whether mother nature agrees or not, spring cleaning is happening at my house!  One room at a time.  I will not overwhelm myself or kill myself trying to do my whole house at one time.

While I was “enjoying a day along”, Big Daddy took 4 of the 6 kids (the 5th was at a friends house and the 6th was working) grocery shopping at Sam’s.  He took a friend and his son, so there was a packed full suburban heading to the big town.  He was thrilled with all of his “finds” and to make matters even better…he STAYED UNDER BUDGET!

He did all our grocery shopping for 2 weeks, took the kids, the kids put all the groceries away, there was no complaining, no tears, and no whining (on the children’s part and Big Daddy’s part).

Who says there isn’t a God?

I have 3 lbs of peeled garlic!  I have smoked gouda, havarti, parmesan, and 48 rolls of toilet paper.  And because he is amazing….he is even getting me supper tonight so I can rest my weary back (I will pay for all the lifting and tugging today).

Aw……it’s good…..

Now to find a picture………………I must go and look.

I love this man


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