As Big Daddy was preparing, a year ago, to take his exam for his new position….one question that was posed was “do good people lie to get out of trouble?”

His answer:  “No.”

My answer:  “Heck, yes.”

I believe we all have the option to choose the right path.  That is the freewill that was “given” to us as a result of the Fall.  There are many people out there who make a decision because they are bullied into making it, feel like it is the only way out, or are just scared.

It is a sad day when someone has a HUGE issue that has come up…they call to ask the opinion of a professing Christian’s professional opinion, and they get a resounding “do or give them whatever they want to make it go away.  That is your best option.”  In reality, this person is saying “lie your butt off and pray that the people that is involved with your lie will lie for you.”


I must say, almost 3 years out.  I took that road that is MUCH traveled.  I was told to do something, by many professionals, in order to get things moving and I paid for it.  I paid for it in SO many ways.  I jeopardized my sons well-being, I jeopardized my family, my friendships, my children all because I was bullied and I yielded to the pressures of the world instead of relying on God.

Did God stop loving me because I made a really really poor choice?

Of course not.

Did that poor choice make me lose my salvation?

Resounding NO.

What it did was create a whole bunch of natural consequences that sucked the life out of me.  I was relying on my own strength to move things forward and because of that, I lost 15 months of my sons life.

Those are months I will  NEVER get back.  I will live with this forever.

Had I just waited on the Lord….His plans are perfect and so is His timing.  I should have gone to Him, prayerfully, instead of listening to people of the world who do not have my or my son’s best interest at heart.

He wanted all that glory and in the end, though the natural consequences were devastating to me, He got that glory.  He busted mountains.  His praises were song, even in the  midst of trials and even though I didn’t want to praise Him.  Frankly, I was ticked off at Him and I refused to talk to Him about anything.  In the end, He brought me to my knees and revealed His majesty.

I pray that those who are faced with trials can find joy in them, knowing that joy comes in the morning.  Knowing that the Lord has plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Knowing that He has this covered…from beginning to end.

Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven.  Seek His face.  He has this covered.

Take the road less traveled.

The road that leads directly to the cross.


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