Why is it

That the first day in, I don’t know….almost 13 years Boo decides to sleep in (therefore we ALL sleep in because he is the resident alarm clock) and I realize at 9:15, that we have an appointment 45 minutes away, at 10:00 for all 5 kids.

There is a quandary that is brewing in my head.

A) Everyone is still asleep, the bed is warm, and the sky is overcast.  Let’s continue to rest.

B) If I miss said appointment, I will not be able to EVER get another appointment for all 5 kids on the same day (6th kid is *to old* to go to this person), therefore it will take multiple trips, which means gas money and time.

C) If I just go, I won’t have to worry about it again for another 6 mths

D) Wouldn’t it be nice to have a quiet, do nothing, type of day

E) The realization that IF we miss (or are late), I have to pay a fee of $25/kid…total of $125.

…and E wins out…

I jump out of bed, grab the dogs…run downstairs to wake the kids…throw the dogs at the children to take them out and inform them that they have to be walking OUT THE DOOR in 5 minutes.

Let’s just say…that didn’t go well for 95% of my children.  The other 5% was thrilled because that meant no morning time school.

I leave my house at 9:17 and I make it by the skin of my teeth at 9:58.  We jump out of the truck and Boo starts to run in and he steps, up to his ankle, in mud.  He is wearing shorts and flipflops because that is all he had time to put on (we will ignore the fact that the shorts and shirt he had on yesterday might have possibly been slept in and was never changed).  He used socks to clean off the mud..we fly in and I’m super duper proud of myself.

I go to sign in and the cute little newbie behind the desk looks baffled.  I am keenly aware of the fact that I have no makeup on and I may or may not have slept in the shirt I wore yesterday and never changed it (this is a no judgement zone, people).  My hair is everywhere, my kids are disheveled and hungry…but we are there!

Then she looks at me with all the sadness in the world and says “I’m sorry, I made a mistake.  Your appointment is for 10 am on MARCH 20.”  Yes, people. March 20th and today is February 20th.  I wasted gas, time, and money to be there for an appointment that is a month away.

In my sincerest effort to be Jesus with skin on…I smile and say “everyone makes mistakes.”  I load up my children, who are terribly confused, and we head out.  I try to meet Big Daddy for lunch, but do to the nature of the people that he works with, stupidity won out today and he had to stay and deal with some issues.

We went through the drive thru at McDonald’s and headed home.

Tomorrow, Boo will be up at 6:00 am tomorrow….I feel it in my bones….sigh….here’s to the possibility of sleeping in on March 20th!

On a bright note, I totally made 2 quarts of yogurt 🙂  I’ll be posting the recipes and pictures later.

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