Homemade Yogurt

My last attempt at making yogurt was a GIANT failure….but THIS time….it was a SUCCESS!

I boiled water and poured it into a quart jar.  I let that sit for 5 minutes and then poured it out.  This is to sterilize the jar.

Next, I poured a quart of milk into my pan and allowed it to reach 180 degrees (stirring so the milk doesn’t scald on the bottom).  Once it has reached that temperature (be sure and do not let your thermometer touch the bottom of the pan), I take the milk off the burner and allow the temp to go down to 110 degrees.

I then add in 1/4 c. plain yogurt with active cultures (I used walmart’s generic plain yogurt).  Stir that into the hot milk and then pour into quart jar.  Put the lid on and then wrap it in a towel for 12-15 hours (let it sit overnight) and put in a warm place.  The towel will help keep in the heat.

After the 12-15 hours, you will have YOGURT!  It is plain yogurt, so it isn’t sweet but I have some frozen blackberries and blueberries that I am thawing and will stir into the yogurt.  I will use some whole berries and some I will puree.  I have little bitty rubbermaid containers to put the yogurt in, which is the equivalent of one serving.  Some I will refrigerate and some I will freeze because the kids like it like that.

I also made a great homemade granola recipe to sprinkle on top (post to come tomorrow, if I remember).  I have no idea if this is money saving because I haven’t done the math, I just wanted to see if I could do it 🙂

I am TOTALLY patting myself on the back!


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