God Cares Even About the Little Things

We have been frantically searching for some papers that we need to file taxes.  I have scoured this house.  I have been through every homeschool paper, bucket, closet, drawer, attic…I even took the opportunity to shred/clean out my filing cabinet in hopes that I would find these coveted papers.

No luck.


Big Daddy was getting irate with me, himself, and anyone that touched “his stuff.”

Then there was the whole phone charger thing.  He charged up his phone in our upstairs bathroom (there is no rhyme or reason to this) and now the phone charger is “missing.”

I have, again, looked high and low.  I looked in every electronics spot in the house and I tried to force adapters in the phone that simply didn’t belong.  I did, however, take the opportunity to organize my cords drawer and basket 🙂

No luck.


Big Daddy was getting irate with me, himself, and anyone that touched “his stuff.”

This morning….I woke up at 5 and said a prayer for a sweet young lady who was having surgery today.  We were hoping for the best but preparing for the worst situation.  I had her brother here with me and my thoughts swirled around the hands of a friend, who is the surgeon and around sweet M.

My thoughts then moved to my mom…who lost her sister yesterday.  Expected, but still surprised.  Sad, yet rejoicing.

I prayed…fell back asleep…

I got up with a different mindset.  Now, bear with me cause it is a small bunny trail we are fixing to go on.  At our church, on Sunday nights, we have what is called Life In Christ University.  Different people have different classes that adults can attend.  There is also AWANA for the kids.  I don’t usually like doing classes like this but Big Daddy was insistent that we attend our pastor’s class.  It is an in depth study of the Song of Solomon.  I can’t say that I have not enjoyed this class because I have.  It is a book that I have never studied.  We are doing the video study with Tommy Nelson and it has been really good.

This morning, I got out my study book and began transferring some important notes from my study book to my Bible margins.  After I did that, I sat down and wrote a detailed prayer list of things I knew that I did not want to overlook and I wanted to pray over.

Although the thoughts/worries were still in my head…I felt at peace. I prayed over everyone on my list and then last, but not least, I prayed about the tax forms and the phone charger.

Within about 5 minutes…my mind opened up and I found them both 🙂  We have been looking for days for this stuff.  The Lord was just waiting on me to surrender even the smallest of things.

The best news of all is that our sweet little M did beautifully in surgery.  The best happened.  The recovery will be long, but the dr feels confident in the fact that he got all the unnecessary stuff OUT.

Isn’t God great!


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