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Martha is my mama.  I love her to pieces.  I call her by her first name out of love and respect.  I know, its weird, but true.  When I’m upset, I call her mama.  When I’m ticked, I call her MOTHER!

Martha is a precious jewel.  She has been faithful to her Lord for my entire life.  She is a wonderful example of the Proverbs 31 woman.  Through her grace and wisdom, she has taught me to the wife and mom that I am to my family.  She has taught me how to be lean on the Lord, when I do not understand; she has taught me to be frugal; how to love my husband when he (or I) is not lovable.

Cannot say enough about her.  **Realize I am leaving out the red hair that is permanently peppered with some kind of paint; the fact that 99% of the time she is talking (and answering herself); she is a bit of a whirlwind; she sort of loud; and when she gets together with her sister or my M.O.M. things start moving….get out of the way or you will be wallpapered to a wall**

All that being said…she has been gifted to create beauty out of toothpicks and q-tips LOL.  Her talent never ceases to amaze me.  If you are interested in any of her work, please email at or go to her facebook page:

Here are some examples of her talent:


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