8 thoughts on “Boo: This face brings me joy.”

      1. He is my number 4…My number 3 will be 13 on Feb. 1. Insane how time flies. My nephew’s bday is on the 16th and my daddy and other nephew’s is on the 17th. Then kid #2 (Peach) will be 16 on Feb. 24, which is also my MIL’s. Busy month!

      2. That sounds like us! I feel like we are always broke during February. 🙂 It’s my hubby’s birthday, mine, then our wedding anniversary that is also our toddler’s fourth birthday, Valentine’s day…. and then our oldest s birthday. Whew!

      3. It is all winter for us! Mine and oldest is in Nov, then Christmas, January is a break and February is a nightmare LOL. June is also a broke month….My BIL, husband, father’s day, our anniversary, and 2 sister bdays. Beauty of a large family!

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