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My Online Grocery Shopping List –

Because I am beyond exhausted after a total of 1 hr drive and a 2 hr therapy visit…I leave you with my newest favorite site.

You, my friends, are welcome.

My Online Grocery Shopping List –

And because I like this picture and I really like my dogs, here ya go.

Sadie:  Dachsund.  Old.  Fat.  Rescued.  Recovering bitty.  She hates most women, children, other animals, and insects.  She is afraid of cats.  Her favorite past time is itching her butt on my bedframe.

Lola:  Apple head Chihuahua.  Rescued from a puppy mill.  A recovering poop eater and Big Daddy nipple licker.  When she is nervous, she licks people and she is never far from me.  She attacks/barks at her food before she eats it.  She LOVES me.  She licks when she gets nervous.  Her favorite past time is eating envelopes.

Francis:  I will go to my death saying she is a boxer/lab mix…but we all know the truth.  She was a sad sick stray that never left.  She LOVES me and loves to sleep next to me, on Big Daddy’s pillows.  She farts when she when she gets nervous.  She is TERRIFIED of storms and likes to be on my head when a storm rolls through.  She shakes and drools.  She is scared of plastic guns.  She is tattooed on her belly.  She howls instead of barks.  She is the most precious dog alive.  Her favorite past time is snuggling.

Sade, Lola, and Francis

Sadie, Lola, and Francis

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