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How Do I Get Myself Into These Things


You know that kids are planning something when you open your eyes and the first thing you see if your child staring at you.  The first thing you hear is “mom, I’m not saying I want to keep it, but there was this dog……”

Apparently there is a collie that the children saw walking down the road, with no collar.  His fur was matted down with burrs and there was a thorn twig coming from his butt.  I have enough without adding too my family, so I told her that she could sit and pick out the burrs and send the dog on his way.  I was taking a shower.

After my shower, I open my door to MY 3 dogs, sitting on the step having a fit.  They were pacing, panting, whining and I had no idea what their problems were.  I walked downstairs only to discover this GIANT collie in my laundry room.  There was no place to pet him without stabbing my finger with a burr and the thorn twig was still dangling from his butt….that had to hurt.  He looks to be about 4 or 5 and he is in really good physical shape (barring the burrs and his butt issue).

I buckled.  I called a friend and he set out to help me de-burr this dog and to extract said thorn twig from his butt.  It took all morning long and the dog is now half naked, but he is burr free, twig free and he is quite friendly.  He can sit on command and that’s pretty much it.

So, I was planning a morning of actually fixing my hair (using gel and all), putting on makeup and making myself look nice for when my husband got home.  I was going to have all the ketchup and bread made, start chili for tonight, and grade papers.  Instead, I have been sitting in my laundry room floor….loosing all feeling in my backside because the floor is so cold, covered in massive amounts of dog chunk burr covered hair with 2 pair of scissors, clippers, and a hairbrush.

Got it down, changed my clothes, washed my hands, drank a coke, and sipped on a cup of tomato soup with parmesan in it…..I have sent my older children to see if they can find the owner and if not, he may be back in my laundry room.

This.  Is my life.


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