Chores Chores Chores

It is no secret….I have 6 kids.  My kids range in age from 18-7.  I simply cannot do everything for everyone and A) remain sane B) not hurt someone C) not be found in a fetal position crying D) not get rid of everything we own and simply live amongst the critters, in the nude, in the woods.

We do chores.

We do a lot of chores.

My kids do not get paid to do chores because I think that is ridiculous.  When they get out on their own, no one is going to pay them to make their bed or pick up their crap.

I will say, however, that if there is a LARGE chore to do (weed the garden, build a fence, erect a small statue of me in the front yard) we do pay them a small amount.  I do want to teach them the value of a dollar.

Each child has their own area to clean and this can change from month to month, if we need to change it.  I do not expect perfection, but I do expect them to do what is right, even if no one is looking.

Here is my list that I have printed out and handed to my super excited children! (hear the sarcasm in that statement).


  • Change sheets and pillowcases
  • No more than 2 pillows in your room
  • Put on clean sheets and pillowcases
  • Make bed
  • Dust bed
  • Clean out bed
  • Clean out from under bed
  • Dust ceiling fan
  • Dust furniture
  • Get out dirty clothes
  • Put up clean clothes
  • Hang up clothes
  • Put toys where they belong
  • Clean out closet
  • Vacuum
  • Get out trash
  • Put up shoes
  • If it does not belong to you – return it to its proper place
  • Put all schoolbooks in dining room for grading
  • Get out unmatched socks
  • Clean up front closet
  • Get out empty hangers and put upstairs


  • Get out dirty clothes
  • Change hand towels once a week
  • Get all toys, cups, rags, empty bottles, dull razors, soap pieces out of shower, empty toothpaste tubes
  • Replace any conditioner, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper
  • Stock at least 8 rolls of toilet paper under the downstairs sink
  • Clean bottom and walls of shower and tub.
  • Clean glass doors of showers and tub
  • Clean mirrors
  • Wipe down around big tub and step upstairs
  • Sweep (floor, in closet and under sink)
  • Mop (steam mop)
  • Wash rugs once a week
  • Wipe down sinks and counter
  • Clean top of toilet, back of toilet, lid of toilet, rim of toilet (top and bottom), base of toilet, inside (including under the rim) of toilet, inside toilet, and hand mop around toilet
  • Take out trash
  • Fold any wild towels, hand towels, washrags, or sheets
  • Put everything on the counter where it belongs
  • If it does not belong in the bathroom, do not leave it in the bathroom.  Put where it belongs.
  • If it is out of a cubby, put it back in the cubby that it belongs.
  • Replace toilet paper behind toilet
  • Downstairs bathroom should have 2 hand towels, 6 washcloths, and 6 towels.  No more.  Any extra towels, washcloths, or hand towels need to go upstairs.
  • Wipe off walls around the sink where toothpaste seems to be splattered.


  • Get out all clothes
  • Get out all socks
  • Get out all shoes
  • Get out all trash
  • Get out all toys (except for front closet which needs to be straightened up)
  • Get any dirty/used rags out of the cleaning closet.  When they have been used for a job, put in the towels laundry basket in the laundry room.  Do not put them back in the cleaning closet
  • Shake out rug
  • Shake out dirt from shoe bucket
  • Sweep
  • Mop
  • Dust pictures and little table with ugly plant
  • Straighten cleaning supplies in closet
  • Get all shoes off of porch.  Return to rightful owner
  • If there is crap on the porch, behind the bushes, on the sidewalk, either put it where it belongs or throw it away.  This includes trash behind bushes, hose, catfood (which should be put in one bowl and not spread from here to high heaven), poop, guns, bullets, swords, socks, gloves, underwear.
  • Sweep porch and use broom to knock all the cobwebs off the front of the house because they are nasty and cobwebs do not make me happy.
  • If we are almost out of a cleaner…let me know.  Not rocket science people.


  • Get out all toys
  • Get out all trash
  • Get out all food
  • Get out all dishes
  • Put school supplies in the school closet (a novel idea)
  • Empty bucket
  • Shake out dog beds and rug under dog bowls
  • Return shoes to owners
  • Wipe down glass door
  • Sweep (include stairs please)
  • Mop
  • Hang up/put up any coats or hats
  • School buckets should be in….drum roll…school closet
  • Wipe down table and chairs
  • Don’t play with fire
  • Get out all nuts
  • Throw away any nut debris
  • Put up movies
  • Put up wii games
  • Straighten crap under the television
  • Return movie cases to cube
  • Clean windows
  • Use a DRY rag and get the crumbs out of the crevices of the couch
  • Pick up dog toys
  • Clean off tables
  • Dust
  • Vacuum stairs
  • Wipe down inside garage door
  • Dust ceiling fan
  • Wash all blankets once a week…they smell.
  • Put up any crochet stuff.  I’m happy you are learning a new skill, but I do not want scissors, yarn, or clippings left from your endeavors.
  • If it is an electronics item (ipod….not sure we have one of those, camera, tablet, etc), put it in the basket or you will lose it for an indefinite amount of time.
  • Everyone should have their own stuff in their homeschool basket.  Anything stray needs to be put where it belongs.


  • The baskets are large and CLEARLY labeled, put clothes in correctly labeled baskets or I may have to hurt you.
  • Actually do the laundry
  • Let me know if any detergent or fab softener sheets needs to be made
  • Sweep, even in the cracks, between the appliances, around the hot water heater, and under the step
  • Take out garbage
  • Straighten closet
  • Mop
  • Fish clothes out from behind the freezer where you throw it.
  • Tell people to put their clothes away.
  • Make every effort to find the mates to socks…they need to mate for life or they need to be thrown away.
  • Wipe down sink
  • Wipe down top of hot water heater
  • Wipe down freezer, top of dryer, top of washer
  • Put up any loose batteries, tools, gadgets…boxes are labeled.
  • Clean out lint tray
  • Throw lint away
  • If a toy has been washed/dried…put it in that person’s bucket to put away.
  • Any money found, keep it


  •  Collect garbage
  • Take out garbage
  • Replace garbage bag
  • Sweep floor…include in between appliances, under the cabinets, behind the fridge, behind the trashcan, in the pantry
  • Wipe down table, chairs, and bar
  • Clean off counter…actually move things and clean under them.  Please include around sink edges, sink, behind sink
  • Wipe down appliances
  • Do dishes (wash, dry, put away)
  • If you throw dishes in the cabinets or stack them in a way that they will fall out when the door is open, be prepared to have to remove everything from the cabinet, hand wash it, hand dry it and stack it neatly.
  • Clean out the fridge, wipe down the shelves
  • When we are close to being out of dishsoap, handsoap, dishwashing detergent, hand sanitizer….let me know so I can make new
  • Straighten bottom of pantry
  • Wipe out fruit bowl
  • Mop
  • Wash placemats once a week
  • Wipe down cabinets
  • Straighten kids cabinet
  • Get out all toys
  • Get out all shoes
  • Get out all guns
  • Get out all books
  • Put it where it belongs.

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