New Year, New Ideas :)

I love to organize.  It makes me happy.  I find peace and joy when I shred things or throw things away.  When my house is cluttered or things are out of place, it disturbs me.  OCD?  Maybe, but my mad skills are driving my husband crazy impressive to my husband.

So, here I am thinking of new and exciting ways to make my family completely crazy with my insane organization my life easier.  I have A LOT of time to think because my brain is no longer overcome with psychology and school.  The Lord has not given me clear direction as to what to do with my degree, so as I wait on Him….I pinterest.

Pinterest stresses me out.  Completely and totally.  I have found some gems on there and I the one that I will post on today is a dandy 🙂

First, I pulled everything out of my pantry.  I threw out all the empty boxes that my children seem to not see.  I wiped down all of the shelves.  Since I have very little cabinet space, I had been keeping some appliances in the laundry room, on a shelf.  That was getting on my nerves, so I thought I would free up the top shelf to place some appliances that I don’t use often and then the bottom shelf, I used for ones that I did (crockpots, bread maker, etc).  That left me with 3 shelves for food.

The middle shelf is the kid shelf.  That is where I keep all breakfast foods, lunch foods, crackers, snacks, etc. It is easily accessible to the “fun-sized” members of my family.  The shelf beneath that, I use for extras.  If I have coupons for something or several bottles of … say …. ketchup, I will put one bottle in the fridge and the other bottles will be on this shelf.  It helps me to easily see what I have so I don’t continue to buy more of what I need (money saving tip).  The upper shelf, of the trio, now holds my little baskets 🙂

I  bought 6 of these baskets at the dollar store.  I also bought some wooden clothespins.  In each basket there are ingredients for a supper (main and sides).  I clothespin a note and the recipe to each basket stating what the supper/sides are.  This way, I can plan my meals a week in advance. If for some reason I can’t cook or won’t be home, it is super simple for Big Daddy or one of the older girls to grab the basket and my family can have a good home cooked supper instead of takeout or box mac and cheese.  This also helps me not to overbuy at the store.  Makes me happy!


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