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Dear Precious One,

What a blessing you are.  What a beautiful child of God that I have had the privilege to raise.  You have far exceeded all dreams that I could have ever had with your grace, love, forgiveness, and beauty.

When you were a newborn, I held you close to me and I began to cry.  Daddy walked into the room and saw me crying and he asked me what was wrong.  Through my tears, I said “She is so small and so beautiful.  I am going to blink, one day and she will be 10 years old.  I will blink again and she will be driving.  Then, I will blink again and she will be 18 and graduating high school….then she will leave and begin her life.”  He laughed and told me to take it one day at a time, that it won’t go by so fast.






I blinked…..

Look at the beauty you have become.  18 yrs old and a graduate of high school.

You may be too big for my lap, but you are never too big for my arms.

I simply adore you.  I praise God everyday that He allowed us to be your parents and to have the privilege of raising you.

May you continue to always follow the narrow path and be a light on the hill!

DSCN3137 DSCN3142 DSCN3147

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