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An Open Letter From a Friend

*****As most of you (those who don’t can look under the title Adoption and Ethiopia), our adoption journey was not an easy one.  We had to fight for 15 mths to bring our son home.  In that time, he was cared for by the wonderful nannies at the West Sands Transition Home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia .  In that time, as wonderful as the nannies were, our guide Woudneh Mulugeta and his wonderful wife Betty Mamo came over almost everyday to see my son and to love on him.  They continued to tell him how much he was loved by us and how we would come soon to get him.  I can never repay them for that.  That was not a paid service, it was a servant’s heart that reached out.  They were the hands and feet of Jesus for me.  My friendship with them will be forever and my son will always know how much the loved him.

Betty works in Dera, Ethiopia.  She knows my heart and she knew I needed to see the realness of Ethiopia.  I needed to see the “city” and I needed to see reality.  My heart continues to break for this beautiful people and I pray that the Lord will one day show me the path that leads back to these people.  For now, I will be her hands and feet right here.  Christmas is coming and money is tight.  Let us all remember the reason for the season and instead of going to Walmart to by the next big thing that will break in five minutes, give a ONE TIME gift to help a child go to school for ONE YEAR.   This is a gift that will not break.  This gift will give the gift of education so these beautiful people can live successfully in their beloved country.  Please consider this open letter from Betty as saving a child(ren) life.  Thank you all for your consideration.  Donations are accepted ANYTIME by Hope Arising.  Please feel free to share This letter and this post!*****

Dear friends, 
This is super hard for me to do –  
  I hate asking for money.  But then I keep thinking of the people and the children in Dera, 
They need food at least twice a day, the children should go to school to live a better life.
Please know that if you don’t want to or can’t give, it’s totally fine – no pressure.  Some people do a sub for 
Santa and I would ask you to consider Hope Arising for holiday charitable donations
 I was born in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. 
So this means I am a city girl, and I have not been to country side until my husband took me 
to his birth place Dera in 2002 to meet his family. we got married in Tokyo ,Japan in 2000
I was happy to meet his family but at the same time I was shocked and so sad by the life of the people 
out there. Very poor people, most of the children with bare foot and half naked. That was the time I told 
to myself ” I have to do something sustainable for these people, but I don’t know how!” 
To make my dream come true, I join a humaniterian organization “Hope Arising”  in 2008. I work as a 
country director from 2008-2013 June and at present I am working as an advisor. 
I was very blessed and happy  to see many things done in the project place Dera. The water project is one of 
our big success.  Mothers and children used to travel 4.5 miles to fetch water. There was one lady a mother 
of 11 kids who was attacked by a hyena at 4am when she was traveling to fetch water. 
A donation of, 
$50 will give one child the opportunity to go to school for one year with paid school fees, 2 uniforms, 
books and supplies.
$160 help parents to start their own business under our micro-loan program 
100% of your donation will go towards these items and services. Thanks for your consideration.
Have a great holiday! 
Best regards, 
Betelhem Mamo


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