For Kristi Kelly…… :) I’ll do better!

My Home is Not

  • A museum
  • Spotless
  • Sterile
  • My furniture does match
  • Professionally decorated

My Home Is

  • Full of laughter
  • Full of kids
  • Full of cats
  • Has dirt
  • The bathrooms always smell, faintly, of pee (love having boys)
  • Dirty
  • Has peeled wallpaper
  • Has chunks knocked out of the wall
  • Has writing on the walls
  • Has small places where the paint has chipped off because, apparently, when you wipe a booger on the wall and do you let it stay there for too long, it turns into concrete and peels off paint.
  • Has a seventh kid named “Not Me” who lives in my house and needs the crap beat out of them
  • An unmanicured yard
  • Has bushes in the yard, but they aren’t really bushes, they are weeds that look like bushes
  • My house has owl pellets waiting to be dissected
  • A missing snake
  • Welcoming
  • Dirty laundry
  • Food stuck to floors
  • Cobwebs

Obviously, my list can go on and on.  In short, my house is a home.  I encourage all you moms to be in the moment.  Live life and love those around you.  When your kids get older, you do not want them to remember that mom was a neat freak who yelled when things got out of place.  They want love, laughter, and memories.  The dirt will be there tomorrow and the next.  Seriously, when you clean the house, today, it will get dirty tomorrow.  It is a vicious cycle.  Have your kids write Scripture on their walls.  What is wrong with that?  You can always paint over it and then you can have Scripture hidden in your walls!  Enjoy your life.  Love the Lord.  Kiss your spouse!

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