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Things That Confuse Me

Stupid people

Hair in inappropriate places (ie big toes, ear lobes, armpit)


Teenage girls (ie hair flipping, giggling for no reason and the next minute crying uncontrollably)

Grits….are they a potato, rice? And what are their purpose?

Stupid people

Doctors appointments….you are scheduled for 8 am, first appointment of the day, only person in waiting room, yet you are finally called back at 8:45 am. It begs the question What in the Sam Hill are you people doing back there?

WalMart check out lanes. Why only have 2 open when it is the busiest time of the day.

Double jointed people…that is more of a fascination than confusion.

Why boys enjoy their scent so much that they will not bathe or use deodorant.


Corn dogs….why do you want fried bread stuck in a hotdog and then a stick crammed in the end. Seriously?

Skinny people. Frankly, I just want to slap them. Sad, I know.

Insurance companies….why do we pay our premiums, then have to make a claim and then get dropped because of said claim.

Teeth whitener. It frightens me.

Tube tops…..they should never be wore past the age of 5.

Spandex…..who wants to purposefully sweat?

Chocolate covered fruit. Chocolate should not be ruined in this fashion.


Stupid people.

Repeat offenders. Tip: if you get caught breaking the law the first time, then you are more than likely going to get caught any subsequent times.

Men who scratch themselves. All. The. Time. I mean really…..

Emotions…they are confusing and they suck pond water.

I am sure there are more but I am tired and overwhelmed with emotions.




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  1. I believe grits have to do with corn….the word hominy comes to mind
    amused because I just realized stupid people is on your list several times


    August 28, 2013
  2. Grits are made from dried corn…I can’t help you with the rest of the things that confuse you.


    August 28, 2013

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