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Things that Fascinate Me

Women who wear white….I just want to walk up and put my giant, dirty hand prints right on their behinds.

Women who have an arsenal of objects in their t-tiny purses….hairspray, 500 lipsticks, bandaids, candy, a change of clothes (just in case they are wearing white), tylenol, diapers, books, notebooks, activities for kids, weapons of mass destruction

High heeled shoes (while walking correctly in them)….apparently, I walk like an old farm horse when I try to wear them.

Women with perfect makeup and perfect hair…..wouldn’t smear or sway in a hurricane.

Different religions….religion is for man, relationship is for believers.  Let’s quit nit picking and hug.

Fleas…they can live up to 100 days; can produce 400-500 offspring; and can jump 150 times its own height.

Fake people…..dude how do you maintain and stay sane?

Top headlines of “Kim K carries baby North!” when there was a school shooting attempt and the bravery of one woman who deserves all the headings in the world.

Belly buttons….what purpose do they serve outside of the womb?

I’m totally sure there are more things that fascinate me, but right now, I have to do schoolwork, clean the house, finish grading kids work, pay bills, go buy birthday presents, make cup cakes, and mow the yard.

Happy Trails!

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  1. Too funny!


    August 23, 2013

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