Shut. Up.

So, I will tell you now that I have NEVER eaten wilted anything or spinach salad…well, up till last week, I had never.

My first spinach stop was the warm bacon dressing spinach salad thing.  I posted that recipe earlier.  It was good….would have been better with a bit more kosher salt and fresh mushrooms, but make-able.

Tonight, though….I might have very well slapped my mama if she were here.  I had another bag of pre-washed spinach setting in the fridge.  I also had bought baby kale that I used to make kale chips. I found a bowl of fresh mushrooms that needed to be used (seriously found it when I was cleaning out the fridge) and I also found 4 heads of fresh garlic (I cleaned out the pantry today).

There were choices to be made.  I could let the stuff go bad and throw it away.  I could try and could make the warm bacon salad, or I could find another recipe.  I chose to find another recipe because I couldn’t bear the thought of throwing it away.

Here is what I did:

1 bag of spinach

1 container of kale

4 heads of garlic

2 red onions

a wad of fresh mushrooms

kosher salt


coconut oil

I sauteed the garlic and onion in the coconut oil until it was tender.  I threw in the rest (minus the parmesan…I used that as a topping) of it and stirred to get it all coated.  I turned it on low, covered it…and then….I ate it!  It was so good.

I’m not just tooting my own horn (TOOT TOOT) because I’m sure normal healthy people eat like this all the time, but this, my friend is revolutionary to me!  My kids LOVED it so much that they whined and complained because there was none left.  I kid you not!  My kids ate all of this high in nutrient crap and the LOVED IT!

Consider my horn tooted (TOOT TOOT), my mamas slapped (yes, I have 2), my mouth on the floor and I’m doing a bit of an a dance throughout the house.


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