Great Article on Meniere’s

Today, I had a scare.  I was driving down the road, to a friend’s house and all of the sudden, the world started spinning.  My head sort of lops backwards and there are some visual disruptions.  I had to pull over and pull myself together before attempting to drive.  I was lucky that I was very close to where I was going.  I pulled into my friend’s driveway and her first statement was “are you okay, you don’t look so good.”  I try hard to mask this beast, but when you feel like crap, you tend to look like crap.  I attempted to walk towards her, only to notice that I was walking in a sideways direction.  She literally had to hold my arm to get to her porch.

I am very thankful that she let me in her home, surrounded me with kids, kittens and thoughtfulness until I could either get my wits about me or call my husband to come and get me.  I have never had an episode while driving.  Let me just say, the Lord’s hands were upon me.

I feel like I have been in “remission” for several years.  I have had minor symptoms (the occasional dizziness, ringing in my ears, cotton in my ears, can’t move my head around, blah blah) but  NOTHING like I had in my earlier years.  My vertigo was debilitating.  I couldn’t pick my kids up, I couldn’t turn my head from left to right.  The ringing in my ears was so intense, I found myself yelling because I couldn’t hear myself talk over the sound, the brain fog, dropping things, not being able to form sentences or to read… was so so so bad.

Sad, it is getting bad again.  Not sure what the cause is or why I am having to go through this trial again, but I am.  I need to accept it and move on.  Do what I know to do and force myself to take it easy (hahahaha).

Here is an article that I found….it is very well put and the only things I do not have are the constant vomiting (although, I have had really bad cases of nausea) or the drop attacks.  So, those of you who read this and know me…though I’m sure is few 🙂  Please know that if I walk with my hand on the wall, don’t turn my head, can’t remember your name or act drunk.  Please know, I’m not drunk, I just have Meniere’s…just bear with me.

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