Really, Boo….I mean REALLY??!!

Boo:  “Mom, I found another snake!”

Me:  “You are NOT keeping it in your room.”

Boo:  “Why?  It isn’t poisonous, I think it is a rat snake.”

Me: “Where was it?”

Boo:  “Trying to slither away from me in the woods.”

Me:  “Put it back, it could be poisonous, it is big and it doesn’t look like anything you’ve caught before.”

Boo: “Mom….its eyes are round, not slits…its tail is a turd, not blunt….it’s head is like a pencil, not triangular and look…just look at its anal plate…it is NOT poisonous!”

Me:  “Boo, I am not looking at that snake’s anal plate.”

Boo:  “But mom, if you would just LOOK at the anal plate, you would know that it isn’t poisonous, but it did try to bite me.”

Now, we have Larry…he lives on my porch.

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