Meniere’s Disease

It blows chunks.

I was diagnosed with this when I was 18 (along with chronic hypertension).  I was active, healthy, thin, busy….yet still, they could not find a reason for my blood pressure being so high or this funky “feeling” that I had.

I remember, sitting on that table, and telling the doctor that I either had this loud EEEKKKK sound in my ears or a low BOOOOOMMMMMM in my ear.  I told him that sometimes I felt like cotton was stuck so far down, that I had trouble hearing what people said to me.  Then there was a feeling of me standing and the room spinning around me as fast as possible.  I would ask him if my eyeballs were swirling around in my head, because that is what it felt like.  Over the years, the symptoms came and went, but they reached a high when I was six months pregnant with my second daughter.

I remember getting up to use the bathroom and falling over.  I couldn’t walk, without assistance for 3 days because of the vertigo, nausea and ringing.  My OB/GYN told me it was nothing except an excess of water because of the baby and I would be better after I had her.  So, I suffered.

After having my daughter, the symptoms began getting worse.  I wasn’t able to bend over and pick up my kids (or anything for that matter), I had to walk with one hand on the wall, I was sick to my stomach, I couldn’t hear anything, my memory was failing and the vertigo was at an all time high.  I couldn’t lay down, without the room spinning.  I couldn’t get up, without the room spinning.  I couldn’t walk, sit, bend over….nothing.  When I would have a “spell”, I wouldn’t be able to move for a day and then I would sleep for about 24 hrs.  It was horrible and I can honestly tell you that people who suffer from this…I can see why they are on disability.  I simply couldn’t function.

I began going to a chiropractor, which amazingly enough, helped me tremendously.  I was able to go there, have vertigo (from laying down and getting up), then I would be good for a week or more.  I also started taking a diuretic to help with the water levels in my body.  Next, I took Antivert or Meclizine to help with the onset of symptoms.  I have been *almost* symptom free for several years.

Until yesterday.

I was sitting, after lunch, reading the newspaper….it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I felt my head fall back, my eyes were swirling around in my head, my head started hurting, I was shaking and I couldn’t move.  I asked my dd to look at my eyes and to tell me what they were doing and she said they weren’t doing anything (of course)…it certainly didn’t feel like they weren’t doing anything.  I had her call Big Daddy because I couldn’t lift my head off of the couch.  There was nothing he could do, obviously, so I called a friend who came and stayed with me until I could walk properly.

The dr prescribed me some Meclizine and when Big Daddy got home with it, I took one…ate some supper and then went to bed by 7:30.  Today, I am in the Meniere’s haze.  I feel better, but still feel fuzzy and my head is hurting.  I don’t know what brought this on, but I hope that it doesn’t come back to visit for a long long (ever) time.

I will be posting symptoms of Meniere’s for those who are curious.


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