Marra Freh….Please be in prayer for her family


I have to write this. It’s not something I can choose not to do. It has to be written.
I am compelled to tell you about an amazing little girl. This little girl- this incredible, phenomenal spitfire of a girl was perfect. She was beauty. She was joy. She was sunshine.

She is Marra. Marra Frehiwot (or Marra Freh) as we all lovingly called her.

There really are no words…no witty quips or pretty adjectives that can ever come close to conveying all that which is and always will be Marra. But her mommy asked me to try. Her mommy, who in the midst of her soul shattering grief wants simply for us to celebrate her daughter asked me to help all of you “see” Marra as we all did. And so…. I have to write.

To know Marra was to know pure,blissful,joyous love. She was so tiny and yet had the presence of a Giant. When Marra walked (ran was more like it) into the room-you knew it. Her laughter was the kind that comes from the soul- the kind that comes from those who know they are completely and unconditionally loved. And she was. And is. And forever will be. You couldn’t help but love her. There’s just something about that little girl…. Something about Marra.

Perhaps it was her smile. To be smiled at by Marra was like standing in the most brilliant sunrise you’ve ever seen. You could (and did) drown in those smiles. And if , by chance you didn’t-well there would be no saving you from those giant round eyes of hers.

There really is just something about that little girl. Something about our Marra. The little girl with the enormous personality. The precious little girl who we have to say good bye to. The little girl who was called home by Our Heavenly Father just days ago. The beautiful little girl that touched and forever affected so many lives-including my own.

I have been so blessed to have been included in Marra’s life by her incredible parents. And they are incredible. How could they not be? God wouldn’t have chosen parents for Marra unless they were amazing people. Strong in their faith. Strong in their love for each other. And strong in their complete and total love and devotion to their children. Amy Olsson and Sten J. Olsson are all of those things and more. They are the kind of parents I have always wanted and hoped to be.
I wish it were possible for me to express through words the pain I feel for this incredible family. Pain at the loss of their precious Marra Freh. Pain for the road they will now travel. Pain for the journey of grief they will now have to endure. And pain-excruciating pain at the hurtful and judge mental things inconsiderate people have said.

Amy asked me to address that issue. And I said I would. But I’m changing my mind. I won’t tarnish or dim the light that is Marra by wasting time on insignificant and ugly babble. Marra wouldn’t want it. Instead I will pray. I will pray for those who choose to judge without knowing that Sten adored his daughter as he does each of his children. I will pray for their lack of compassion toward a grieving father who has been shattered by the death of his baby. I will beg that Our Father will shield them from ever being touched by the loss of their own child because then-and only then could they ever begin to fathom what Marra’s daddy is feeling. And I will ask you all to pray it with me.

Now-I have a favor to ask. It isn’t my favor. It’s the favor asked of me by my dear friend,Amy… sister in Christ and fellow broken momma. Won’t you help me share Marra? Please share this on your wall, in your groups, in conversation. Tell everyone you know. Tell them that there was a phenomenal little girl who came clear across the world with parents who moved mountains just for the chance to love her. Tell them about her giggles , how she loved her family, adored her doggy, was learning all about and loving God and teaching us all what joy looks like. Tell them there’s just something about Marra.

And ask them to tell her story.

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  • So beautifully put. Praying for all who knew and loved precious little Marra. May God hold you close in the days ahead.

    A Grandma of a sweet Ethiopian Girl.

  • I did not know precious Marra or her family but my heart is broken. I can say, one did not have to meet this beautiful angel in person to fall in love with her. You could feel how special she was just by looking at her pictures. My guess is God knew she was too special to not have her with Him in Heaven. Praying for the Olssen family in their darkest hour.

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