Knowing Your Worth

As a parent of 2 teenage daughters, 1 preteen daughter, 1 preteen son, and 2 younger boys…I have this conversation a lot.  I don’t just have it with them, I have it with the youth at my church and several of my friends who are single and waiting for that “right one” to come along.  This is also a conversation I have had with myself, many times, over the years.

What is your worth?  According to society your worth is wrapped up in your looks, job, status, money, car, home, etc.  Society is such a beast and people can drag you down with a look or a comment.  One could be ostracized because they aren’t wearing name brand clothes or have the right kind of hairstyle.  I mean, really?  Are we going to take our clothes, money, cars, etc to Heaven?  No.  Where society cares about the external, the Lord cares about the internal.  He wants the status of your heart.  He wants your heart to be His and He wants to dwell in your heart and to mold you to be like His Son, whom He created you to look like.

The 31st chapter of Proverbs is written about wives, yet it relates to all women.  In Proverbs 31:10, He states …. “She is far more than all the rubies.”  According to “Rubies are the most valuable members of the corundum family.  Large gem quality rubies can be more valuable than comparably sized diamonds and are certainly rarer.  The prices range is from $100 to $15000/carat.”  Can you image if we gathered up ALL the rubies in the world and put a price tag on them?  And, we, as women, are FAR MORE than ALL the rubies, according to our Heavenly Father.  How precious are we to Him.

Do not sell yourself short.  Do not compromise your beliefs.  Wait on the Lord. Psalm 27:14 states “Wait on the Lord:  be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart:  wait, I say, on the Lord.”  He has a beautiful plan for you and your future.  Jeremiah 29:11 states “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

My prayer is that all of my children, youth friends and adult friends chooses to wait on the Lord, though it is so hard.  Wait for the beauty of His plan to come together.  I pray they we don’t listen to society and that we focus more on the internal values of life rather than the external values of society.

Know that you are loved and prayed for…..Blessings.

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  • I believe status is an especially troubling thing for kids to get past, boys as well as girls. I’ve seen kids who were not ” complete” unless they were somebody’s boyfriend or girlfriend. I counseled someone we used to work with, Brandi, that it’s hard enough in the teen years to figure yourself out and decide what you want and care about. Having to worry TOO MUCH about a relationship can be too much to handle. The results can be tragic unless the individual has a solid foundation helping them know they have worth as an individual.

    • I agree, Mikey! That is what I am dealing with, now, with one of my girls and one of my boys. They have been raised with being told their worth, in Christ….yet society and peer pressure can rear its ugly head and satan can attack. They feel like “everyone else is dating, why aren’t I? What is wrong with me?” It hurts. I’ve been there, I remember being that “magical age” of 16 and knowing I could date and no one asking me. I fell into a very abusive relationship because that was what I was supposed to do. All I can do, as a parent, is pray, encourage and tell them they are worthy, in the Lord, everyday….

  • Thank you for always telling me this. You are one of the VERY few who have ever told me these things….and I do mean very few. I grew up with very low or non existant self esteem…sadly that has still carried over partially into my adult years. You dont know what it means for you to have always told me this and been a dear friend. <3 love u.

    • I will ALWAYS tell you this because it is Truth! You are a wonderful, loving, amazing human being and you should think nothing less than that! The Lord created beauty and excellence, when He created you. Never let anyone tell you any different. Love you more than words can describe!

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