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Helen Keller


One famous person who had RAD, but who was treated in time, was Helen Keller — one of the world’s greatest humanitarians who ever lived.

Helen went deaf and blind at the age of 19 months from a rare disease. Thereafter, she lost complete connection to her parents, and to everything else she’d ever known. She lacked the words to process her terror and her world came crashing down on her tiny heart. She was terrified and must have perceived herself as being all alone in the big, wide, scary world.

Her parents experienced the symptoms of attachment disorder with Helen. She ate food like an animal, stealing scraps off of others’ plates. She screamed and tantrum-ed with deep, deep rage. Many people considered Helen to be a monster. Many recommended that she be institutionalized.

Although well-intentioned and ready to love their daughter, Helen’s parents lacked the proper parenting techniques that would have saved Helen’s attachment at that time. Exhausted, confused, angry, and heartbroken, they sent her off for help at the age of six. That is how Anne Sullivan met Helen. Anne endured until the tantrums ebbed, the terror faded, and love began to finally prevail in Helen’s life. This is when Helen Keller healed.

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