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Baking Baking Baking


The crockpot has granola in it.  I threw it all together and let it sit on low while I cooked everything else.  It needed to be stirred some so it was convenient for me do this one first or else I would forget and burn it.  The dish, in front, has Cracker Barrel’s hashbrown casserole.  I added ham to it, to make it a main dish.  Picture it all golden brown and delicious!  The pans just have peas and green beans in it, no big deal.


To the side…there are a lot of pancakes.  This is simple to make ahead of time.  They freeze well and after 20 yrs, I finally bought a new toaster.  The one given to us, as a wedding gift, finally died…, they cook up quick.  I will throw these in the freezer with the omelet muffins still left over.


I threw together my Master Baking Mix, so I thought muffins would be nice for the kids, for breakfast.  I had some really ripe bananas, so I decided banana muffins would be nice.  Bug had to taste test and she said they were yummy.  I used a mixture of whole wheat flour, all purpose flour, sugar cane, wheat germ, applesauce and flax!  The kids will be pooping good 🙂


I hadn’t cut my granola bars, so it looks like regular granola.  This isn’t the thick chewy kind, I made it harder this time (used more honey) and I broke it off like peanut brittle.


This picture has homemade cherry fruit bars.  My crust is usually too mush to do anything, so we eat it with a spoon, but this time, it came out perfectly.  I cut it into squares.  I guess the Lord knew I needed it to turn out LOL.  I only used 16 ozs. of preserves as opposed to the previous 32 ozs.

……now, I must go and write my paper……

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